D              A/C#          D
Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet
       G       A     D
And a light unto my path  (Repeat)

Verse one:
A             Em
When I feel afraid
Bm                  F#m
Think I've lost my way
G             A           Dsus - D
Still You're there right beside me
     A              Em
And nothing will I fear
    Bm             F#m
As long as You are near
 G         A      Bsus -  B    A
Please be near me to the end

Verse two:
A            Em
I will not forget
     Bm              F#m
Your love for me and yet
    G       A       Dsus - D
My heart forever is wandering
 A           Em
Jesus be my guide
    Bm               F#m
And hold me to Your side
G       A       Bsus  -  B   A
I will love You to the end
Artist: Amy Grant
CCLI: 14301

© 1984 Meadowgreen Music Company, Word Music, LLC