Fmaj7  G  Am  C/E
Fmaj7  G  Am  C/E

Verse one:
Am        C/E           F     G    Am
Signs and wonders from above
         C/E              F     G   Am
When You poured out Your Spirit
       C/E        F       G   Am
On the old and the young
       C/E            F       G   Am
In the power of Your presence

C/E          F    G            Am
Holy Spirit rain falling like a flood
C/E            F           G          Am
Break upon my praise as I sing of Your love
C/E          F    G            Am
Holy Spirit fire burn within my soul
     C/E       F        G    Am
As I call on Your Name
     C/E       F        G    Am   C/E
As I call on Your Name

Verse two:
Dreams and visions of the Son
As I stand in Your presence
Revelations of Your love
As I look to the heavens

F   G   C/E   F

Bridge one:
F               G 
Oh Holy Spirit burn like a fire
C/E           F 
All consuming, consume me
F                     G
Here in Your presence Lord I surrender
C/E          F
To Your glory for Your glory

Bridge two:
C/E          F
Living Water, river wild in me
C/E       F
Immerse me in Your mercy
C/E        F
Open heaven crashing over me
C/E       F
Restore me in Your glory
Artist: Hillsong Australia
Album: OPEN HEAVEN / River Wild
CCLI: 7047254

© 2015 Hillsong Music Publishing (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)