G                       C
You are my love and my light
D                      G
You are my purpose for living
Em                      C
You are my hope in the night
My reason for singing
G                        C
You bring the joy to my life
           D                    Em7     D
And You're making it better and better
C                    D                 
   And I will give thanks
Forever and ever

Verse one:
G       C           D
Will we ever know
What we have been given
Em      C
He has chosen us
      G            D
And called us His own
G        C               D
Flowing from His Throne
There is a river
Em        C
Bringing life and health
      G         D
Where ever it goes

Verse two:
We will bless Your name
Always and ever
And offer up the sacrifices of praise
Teach us Lord, we pray
To live in Your presence
Make us more and more
Like You everyday

Em        C
Oh, oh, oh
G              D
What a joy to know
Em         C
Oh, oh, oh
     G              D
Our Father loves us so
Artist: Don Moen
Album: Let Your Glory Fall