Eb2   Eb   Eb2   Eb
Bb2   Bb   Bb2   Bb

Verse one:
Eb2                      Bb2
I will bless the Lord forever
Eb2                     Bb2
I will trust Him at all times
Eb2                        Bb2
He has delivered me from all fear
Eb2                      Bb2
He has set my feet upon a rock
I will not be moved
    Cm7             Fsus
And I'll say of the Lord

            Bb         Cm7
You are my shield, my strength
   Eb           F
My portion, deliverer
    Bb             Cm7
My shelter, strong tower
    Eb            F               Eb
My very present help in time of need

Verse two:
Eb                      Bb
Whom have I in heaven but You
Eb                         Bb
There's none I desire beside You
You have made me glad
    Cm7             F
And I'll say of the Lord

Cm7   Bb/D  Ebm7  F
Artist: Hillsong Australia
Album: Blessed
CCLI: 3290709

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