Am   F    G   Em7

Verse one:
         Am                 F
In the beauty of Your holiness
        G              Em
Your face is all I see
         Am               F
In the glory of Your majesty
             G             Em 
I bow my knee, I bow my knee

Pre-chorus one:
              F      Em   
To worship You 
            F      Em
Worship You 

Verse two:
         Am                         F
In the presence of Your perfect love
      G               Em
My fears are swept away
         Am                    F
In the tenderness of Your embrace
            G                  Em
I lift my hands, I lift my hands

Pre-chorus two:
               F      Em    
To worship You 
            F    G
Worship You 

        C           G
Your grace has opened my eyes
     Am        Em                       F          G
To see the beauty, the price of Your love's sacrifice 
        F          G
Your love's sacrifice

        C       G
Your blood redeemed me from shame
        Am7       Em
Your power has broken the chains
           F          G           F          G
This is love's sacrifice, Your love's sacrifice
Artist: New Creation Church
CCLI: 5748091

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