Verse one:
G                         D/F#
When the trouble comes I trust in You 
Em7                  Bm7 
For I know You will lead me through 
C                    G/B               Am7    D
And I know You are faithful till the end
G                        D/F#
And when the storms are drawing near
Em7                       Bm7
When I'm with You I don't have to fear 
C                     G/B     Em      D/F#  B/D#
You're my Shepherd on whom I can depend

             Em7  C             D
Through the day, through the night 
C              G/B    A/C#   D  
 I know You're always by my side

              G                D/F# 
Lord You are always here with me 
              Em7               C
There is no changing God in Thee 
            G/B         C
You are the same yesterday 
      C/D        A/C#  D 
And today and forevermore 
              G          D/F#
Here on Your promises I stand 
            Em7             C
You hold my future in Your hand 
         Am7             D
My solid Rock, Almighty God
I worship You
Artist: Ulf Ekman Ministries
Album: The Lord Reigns