Verse one:
G                    D
I will sing of my Redeemer
         D7             G
And His wondrous love to me
On the cruel cross He suffered
         D7             G
From the curse to set me free

        C            G
Sing, O sing of my Redeemer
         D7                G
With His blood He purchased me
        C                  G
On the cross He sealed my pardon
         D                 G
Paid the debt and made me free

Verse two:
I will tell the wondrous story
How my lost estate to save
In His boundless love and mercy
He the ransom freely gave

Verse three:
I will praise my dear Redeemer
His triumphant pow'r I'll tell
How the victory He giveth
Over sin and heath and hell

Verse four:
I will sing of my Redeemer
And His heav'nly love to me
He from death to life has brought me
Son of God, with Him to be
Artist: Fernando Ortega
Album: Hymns of Worship
CCLI: 5146655

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