Verse one:
     Bb      C       F       F/A
Your eye is on the sparrow
              Bb      C  -  Dm - Dm/C
And Your hand it comforts me
             Eb/Bb          Bb
From the ends of the earth
         C      C/E  -  F
To the depth of my heart
         Bb              Gm      Csus - C
Let Your mercy and strength be seen

Verse two:
        Bb      C        F     F/A
You call me to Your purpose
      Bb        C  -  Dm  -  Dm/C
As angels understand
         Eb/Bb   Bb
For Your glo - ry,
        C    C/E - F
May You draw all men
          Bb          C       F
As Your love and grace demand

            Bb   C/E   F
And I will run  to You,
         C - A/Db - Dm
To Your words  of truth
       Gm7          F/A
Not by might not by power
           Bb - G/B - C
But by the spirit of  God
F           Bb  C/E   F
Yes I will run the race
        C - A/Db - Dm
Till I see Your face
Oh let me live in
    F/A - C       Fsus - F
The glory of Your grace
Artist: Shout To The Lord
Album: Hillsong Worship
CCLI: 1959901

© 1996 Wondrous Worship