C    Dm7    Am7   F
C    Dm7 - C/E - F

Verse one:
 C      Em            F
All it takes is one moment
Am        G              F    
And just one touch from You
(Dm) C     Em         F
I put aside all distractions
I came for You
G          F
I came for You

Verse two:
C       Em            F
I need You more than ever
Am        G          F
Nothing else satisfies
(Dm) C    Em       F
All my life I surrender
I live for You
G          F
I live for You

I came for You
G          F
I came for You

     C                 Dm
Holy Spirit, You are welcome
         Am               F
Come and move upon this place
      C         Dm      C/E   F
We desire an encounter once again

          C                  Dm 
Send Your fire, release Your power
         Am           F
So we’ll never be the same
    C          Dm      C/E     F
We desire, an encounter once again

     C       Dm
Holy Spirit
     Am      F
Holy Spirit

Verse three:
C           Em         F
Now that my heart is opened
Am     G       F
I am ready for You
(Dm) C    Em    F
Jesus take me deeper
I came for You
G          F
I came for You

        G            Am
We make way, we make room
 F                   C
Lord let Your spirit move
          G            Am
Have Your way, in this place
 F                    G
Lord we have come for You
Artist: Planetshakers
Album: Overflow
CCLI: 7059062

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