Em   D/F#   G   (Repeat)

Verse one:
             Em        D/F#       G
One thing I know that I have found
                  Em       D/F#      G
Through all the troubles that surround
             Em         D      C
You are the Rock that never fails
           Am    D
You never fail

Verse two:
              Em       D/F#     G
One thing I know that I believe
                  Em    D/F#    G
Through every blessing I receive
             Em   D         C
You are the only One that stays
            Am    D
You always stay

             C                      G/B
You never change, You're still the same
            Em    D/F#      G
You are the Everlasting God
             C              G/B
You will remain after the day is gone 
            Em       D/F#          G/B
And the things of earth have passed
C     D  
Everlasting God
C   G/B   Em    D/F#    G
C   G/B   Em    D/F#    G/B
Artist: New Life Worship
Album: My Savior Lives
CCLI: 4882769

© 2006 Integrity Worship Music