Verse one:
Am7      Dsus D
Here I am waiting
  G            C   G/B
Abide in me I Pray
Am7     Dsus D             G   D/F# 
Here I am longing for You
Am7            Dsus D
Hide me in Your love
  G           C  Am7
Bring me to my knees
           Dsus   D        G    C Dsus G
May I know Jesus more and more

G    C/G G   C
Come live in me
    G/B     Am7   C/D  D
All my life take      over
G       C/G   G   C
Come breathe in me
      G/B   Am7
And I will rise
   C/D  D   G
On eagle's wings
Artist: Reuben Morgan
CCLI: 2478168

© 1998 Hillsong Music Publishing (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)