Verse one:
Db                Ab         Eb
Close enough to feel Your touch
Db                Ab      Eb
I'm between Your loving arms
Db              Ab        Eb
Worship is my hearts response
             Db   Ab             Eb
You’re all I want, You’re all I want

Verse two:
Db                Ab       Eb
Close enough to see Your face
Db                  Ab          Eb
I'm caught in Your eyes, Your gaze
Db              Ab        Eb
I can hear the sound of heaven
        Db    Ab            Eb
Call my name, You call my name

          Ab     Eb
So I draw close again
    Fm             Db
And give You all I am
   Ab         Eb
To bring You praise
    Fm              Db
And bless Your Holy name
      Ab/C               Eb
Cause there is awe and wonder
Fm             Db      Ab
In the love of Your embrace

Verse three:
Db               Ab         Eb
Close enough to hear You speak
Db                 Ab        Eb
Abide with me in fields of grace
Db                    Ab      Eb
Your presence Lord is all I seek
            Db    Ab             Eb
You’re all I want, You're all I want

Ab/C         Db
I can feel it
Ab         Eb
Deep with in my soul
Ab/C        Db
I can see it
Ab               Eb
Your glory all around
Ab/C        Db
Faith is rising
Ab             Eb               Ab/C
My heart will give You praise
Db         Absus            Ab
Lord Your presence is my all
Artist: Planetshakers
Album: Heaven On Earth
CCLI: 7088179

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