D/F#  G  A

Verse one:
     D/F#      G  A
You lead me in to Your courts
     D/F#   G              A
Surround me with Your love
   D/F#         G    A      Bm7 Em7 -
I walk with You, I do not fear

D         Bm7
In this place
A           Em7
Dreams are made
D         Bm7
In this place
Asus        A/C# D
Where You are

D/F# - G      D/F#
Carry me here
        Bm7     A    D/F#
In Your arms of love
          G         D/F#
Draw me close to You
        Em7           (A  D)
I wanna be where You   are

Verse two:
     D/F#   G       A
You carry me, You are my strength
     D/F#           G       A
I've learned to trust in You
     D/F#    G        A       Bm Em7
And once again I'm reaching out
Artist: Hillsong Worship
Album: For This Cause
CCLI: 3001651

© 2000 Hillsong Music Publishing (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)