Verse one:
A                  E/G#  F#m7
Many hearts are hungry tonight
Bm7                 A/C# 
Many trapped in darkness
D              E
Yearn for the light
   F#m           E   
So many who are far from home
    B/D#           D
And many who are lost
  A/C#                 D
O Lord, Your wounded children need
    Bm7             E
The power of Your cross

   A               A/C#  D - A/C# - Bm
As bread that is broken, use our  lives
   E                E/G#
As wine that is poured out
  D/F# -  E/G# -  A 
A willing sacrifice
  A         A/C#
Empower us, Father
     D   -   A/C#  -   Bm
To share the love of Christ
   A/E                    D/E    
As bread that is broken, Lord
E         A
Use our lives

Verse two:
A                E/G#     F#m7
Help us to begin where we are
Bm7                 A/C#
Help us love the people  
D            E
Near to our hearts
     F#m               E  
Then give our faith a mission field
    B/D#           D
Wherever You may call
      A/C#                    D
Lord, love Your world through each of us
  Bm7                    E
Until we've touched them all
Artist: Ross Parsley
Album: Lord of the Harvest
CCLI: 1844295

© 1995 Curb Word Music, Juniper Landing Music, Integrity's Hosanna! Music