Verse one:
F                     Bb/F   C/F
We're here because of grace
F                     Bb/F   C/F
A part of Your great plan
        Am7               Dm7
We have come to seek Your face
         Gm7             C
Not the wonders of Your hands
     F                 Bb/F   C/F
And yes we need Your touch
            F           Eb/F    Bb
But You've given us so much
        Am7          Dm7
That we just want to thank You
    Gm7       Bb/C       F
For all You’ve done for us 

We've come to bless Your name
                  Bb/F       F
King of kings and Lord of lords
We've come to give You praise
                     Bb/F    F
You are the One that we adore
O Lord cleanse our hearts with fire
     Bb            F                C
And fill us with desire for Your courts
          Bb2                F
For Your presence in our lives

Verse two:
Lord You've made a way
Because of Your great love
And our hearts are filled with praise
For all that You have done
There is none like You
So faithful and so true
And we just want to thank You
For all You've brought us through
Artist: Don Moen
Album: God Is Good
CCLI: 2348717

© 1997 Integrity's Hosanna! Music (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing (Integrity Music [DC Cook]))