Verse one:
G/D  -  D       A   -   D
Upon a hill, a perfect Saviour
D/G   -    D        Bm   -   A
Upon that day, the greatest love
          Bm        A                     G
The punishment that should have fallen on us
G/D - D   A      D
Upon Him,  upon Him

Verse two:
G/D  -  D         A   -   D
Upon His head, a crown of thorns
D/G  -   D        Bm  -  A
Upon His heart, a broken world
            Bm       A                  G
The wage of sin, the weight of our transgressions
G/D - D   A      D
Upon Him,  upon Him

D              G - D
Christ has died

We are forgiven
    A           D - A
And Christ alive

We are the risen
    Bm       A      G
And He shall come again
Praise the King
Praise the King

Verse three:
G/D   -   D           A   -   D
Upon our hearts, His Name is written
D/G   -    D           Bm   -   A
The King of Kings and Lord of Lords
              Bm      A               G
We're pouring out a song of praise together
G/D - D   A      D
Upon Him,  upon Him

                  Bm        G
One name upon our lips, Jesus
                     D         A
No greater name than this, Jesus
And every knee will bow
A              G
Every heart confess
   D      A
Jesus, Jesus
Artist: Matt Redman
Album: Upon Him
CCLI: 7138935

© 2020 Jaguerra Songs, Shatteredmusic, Integrity Worship Music, Said And Done Music