D   A  -  D   A

Verse one:
D                            A
  The shadows of my yesterday
Bm                           F#m
  Clouded up my faith to pray
G                          D
  But You blew it all away

D                               A
  The voices tried to pull me down
Bm                        F#m
  And bury me into the ground
G                               D
  But you made the greater sound

     D   Em                 Bm
And now I hear You calling me
      G                  D
The voice of a raging sea
Em                Bm     G
This is your destiny


Let's go
A    -    Bm
  Let the music play,
G      -       D/F#
  It's time to celebrate
A       -       Bm          G  -  D/F#
  'Cause it's a brand new day

Let's go
A       -      Bm
  We are so alive
G      -      D/F#
  And God is on our side
A - Bm - G   A - Bm - G
Ooooh,     ooooh
Let's go

Verse two:
With Your blood You sacrificed
Giving all You paid the price
You have opened paradise

G               D/F#
  You glory rises like the sun
A           Bm
  Radiating life to everyone
G                  D/F#        A
  Now death is over and I'm alive

G                   D/F#
  I'm taking hold of this victory
A                 Bm
  Now I'm running in my destiny
G                         A
  For Your glory I will go
Let's go
Let's go
Artist: Planetshakers
Album: #LETSGO
CCLI: 7036565

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