F     C - G    Am - C/E (4x) 

Verse one:
F                      C    G   Am - C/E
  You've turned it all around
F                C    G            Am - C/E
  Where I was hurting now I'm rejoicing
F               C    G       Am C/E  F   C  G
  In Your love I'm found and I have joy, wo-oooh

Verse two:
F               C  G    Am - C/E
  You took away my pain
F                   C   G         Am - C/E
  You turned my mourning into dancing
F             C    G         Am C/E  F   C   G   Am  C/E
  I can smile again ‘cause I have joy, wo-oooh

F         Am    G
Let the celebration begin
F         Am        G    C/E
Make a joyful noise unto Him
F         Am    G
Come on everybody
               F      Am         G
Let's give Him praise for He is good

C   C/E F
You have given me
            Am   C/E  F
A joy that won't stop

And will never leave
   C  C/E  F
So I will   praise You with gladness
Am    G   F
  For You are good

                 C             F
You've turned my sadness into gladness
                 C           G
You've turned my sorrow into joy
        C               F
Now I'm singing and I'm dancing
           Am    G   C
And I will shout for joy
Artist: Planetshakers
Album: This Is Our Time
CCLI: 7000098

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