A   A/C#   D   E

Verse one:
A                     D
Maker who formed the earth
         Bm7            E
Lives in me, makes the blind to see
A                      D
Saviour who freed my soul,
      Bm7         E
Is my refuge, my fortress
       Bm7                  A/C#
I will not be afraid of the terror at night
       D                         E
Or the arrow that flies in the day
         D                     A/C#
For the mountains move and the darkness flees
    D               E
Whenever I call on His name

      A            A/C#
For greater, He is greater
        D              E
He is greater is the One in me
 A              A/C#
Greater, He is greater,
       D               E
He is greater is the One in me

D           E  
I will not be afraid
    D          E
No, I will not be dismayed
    Bm7       A/C#
For my God is with me
    D          E
And He goes before me
Artist: Miriam Webster
Album: Made Me Glad
CCLI: 5720260

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