G    D/F#    Em    C  -  D
G    D/F#    Em    C

Verse one:
G           D/F#            Em
God of ages bringing glory here
        C             D
You are good, You are good
G                D/F#               Em
Son of righteousness You are all I seek
              C    D
With all my heart

         C                 Em         D
Giver of life hope for the lost is in You
           C                      Em             D
All of the earth shines with Your light Your glory

            G                          D/F#
You are the God who lives, You are the God who heals
           Em            C
You are my hope my everything
            G                            D/F#
You brought salvation to us offered Your peace to the world
           Em            C
You are my Lord my everything

Verse two:
G              D/F#                 Em
In Your promise and Your faithfulness
       C            D
I will trust all my days
G            D/F#          Em
King forever reign in majesty
         C   D
Be glorified

               G                 D/F#
I'll trust in You, I’ll trust in You
               Em              C
I'll trust in You with all my heart
Artist: Hillsong Worship
Album: Saviour King
CCLI: 4869933

© 2007 Hillsong Music Publishing (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)