Bm  D/F#  G
G  Bm  G

Verse one: 
            Bm      D/F#        G
I was lost with a broken heart
               G           Bm      A
You picked me up, now I'm set apart
            Bm      D/F#       G
From the ash I am born again
          G           Bm      A
Forever safe in the Saviour's hands
          Bm         D/F#          G
You are more than my words could say
             G            Bm       A
I'll follow You Lord for all my days
             Bm         D/F#          G
I'll fix my eyes, follow in Your ways
         G          Bm       A
Forever free in unending grace

          Bm      D/F#        G
Cause You are, You are, You are my freedom
G            Bm    A
We lift You higher, lift You higher
      Bm      D/F#         G
Your love, Your love, Your love never ending
G    Bm    A
Oh   oh   oh

         Bm   D/F#   G
You are alive in us
            G     Bm     A
Nothing can take Your place
      Bm   D/F#   G
You are all we need
              G   Bm    A
Your love has set us free

Verse two:
In the midst of the darkest night
Let Your love be the shining light
Breaking chains that were holding me
You sent Your Son down and set me free
Everything of this world will fade
I'm pressing on till I see Your face
I will live that Your will be done
I won't stop till Your Kingdom come
Artist: Hillsong Young & Free
Album: We Are Young & Free
CCLI: 6605212

© 2012 Hillsong Music Publishing (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)